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Laser Teeth Whitening Singapore - How Does It Work?

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    How does cosmetic laser teeth whitening work?

    Having a white smile is a symbol of health and beauty. It can boost your self-esteem and confidence. However, achieving shiny and bright teeth requires a lot of care. Many times the daily brushing, flossing and mouthwash are not enough. You may need to take further steps in order to get the whiter teeth and smile you desire.

    There are various teeth whitening options available in Singapore. You can find millions of at-home whitening products online and at brick-and-mortar stores. But if you really want to achieve quick and impressive results then it could be better to consider professional or in-office teeth whitening.

    In this article, we will take a closer look at laser teeth whitening. This is a type of chairside whitening which involves the use of a laser device. We will discuss how this dental treatment works, what benefits it offers, and how it is different from other teeth whitening treatments.

    What is laser teeth whitening?

    dentist performing teeth whitening treatment

    Laser teeth whitening is a type of in-office whitening treatment. In this procedure, the dentist uses a bleaching gel and laser device in order to reduce stains and make your smile appear whiter.

    This type of professional teeth whitening is a good option for those who are seeking a quick fix and a rapid turnaround on their bleaching. The treatment can successfully remove external stains or those stains that affect the outer layer of the tooth. You normally get them as a result of drinking coffee and red wine or eating too much dark-coloured food.

    In addition to eliminating extrinsic (external) spots, the laser procedure may be beneficial for improving the appearance of intrinsic stains. These are spots that you can get as a result of age, trauma or medical treatments. They develop on the inside of the teeth, at the deeper layer of the enamel and the dentin and are usually more difficult to remove.

    How does laser teeth whitening work?

    Laser teeth whitening is usually a quick appointment, it is around an hour long. It can be carried out by either a dentist or a dental hygienist.

    Here's what to expect when you visit the dental clinic for your teeth whitening procedure.

    • First, your doctor will ask you to wear glasses to protect your eyes.
    • Then, he or she will place a protective layer of plastic on your gums to avoid irritations.
    • Next, your provider will apply a bleaching gel, such as hydrogen peroxide or carbamide peroxide, on your teeth.
    • Following that the dentist will use a laser to activate the gel.
    • The laser light will quickly pass over your teeth, activating the particles within the gel. This process usually takes a few minutes.
    • Lastly, your provider will remove the protective plastic and flush out the bleaching material.

    The laser teeth whitening procedure is usually not painful. However, there is a great chance of experiencing discomfort and tooth sensitivity during the first 2-3 days after the treatment.

    What are the benefits of laser teeth whitening?

    Here are some of the advantages of getting laser teeth whitening treatment.

    • Laser teeth whitening works much quicker than at-home teeth whitening treatments.
    • It provides more dramatic results.
    • With this treatment, you can achieve longer-lasting results, up to 3 years.
    • It can treat both extrinsic and intrinsic stains.
    • It is a safe teeth whitening procedure performed at the dental office by trained professionals.

    However, laser teeth whitening comes with some downsides as well. In some cases, this bleaching technique can irritate your teeth and gums.

    How long does laser teeth whitening last?

    woman having laser teeth whitening treatment in singapore

    Laser teeth whitening is usually a long-lasting solution. Your teeth may appear brighter for as long as 3 years, where the effect of teeth whitening strips and home whitening kits typically wears off after about six months. This is because laser teeth whitening as well as other professional treatments uses a higher-concentration bleaching agent. Read our post on how long do teeth whitening treatments work for more information.

    However, your teeth will remain brighter for longer in case you take proper care of them, otherwise, they may become discoloured sooner. It is essential that you practice good oral hygiene, avoid smoking and limit the consumption of staining foods and drinks.

    Also, after you have your teeth whitened, your doctor will give you some aftercare instructions that you must follow for the first 48 hours. Your teeth will be very prone to blemishes right after bleaching. That is why you will be advised to go to the so-called white diet (eating foods that are white in colour) to prevent discolouration.

    What are the risks of laser teeth whitening?

    One of the biggest risks associated with almost any teeth whitening treatment is increased tooth sensitivity. Professional teeth whitenings are more likely to cause sensitive teeth. This is because, in these procedures, dentists normally use stronger bleaching materials in order to quickly and efficiently whiten your teeth. However, tooth sensitivity following whitening treatment is usually temporary and will go away in a few days. To reduce this risk, it is critical to avoid acidic foods and beverages during your recovery.

    Additionally, teeth whitening can lead to loss of fluoride and mineral in teeth, pulp damage, decay, and erosion of the teeth enamel. These side effects are relatively rare, but still exist.

    Make sure you discuss all possible risks and complications with your dental provider before getting teeth whitening treatment.

    How much does laser teeth whitening cost in Singapore?

    The cost of laser teeth whitening procedures in Singapore varies greatly, starting at $500 and rising to $1300. In general, how much you will pay depends on the dental clinic you choose. It goes without saying that the cost of the teeth whitening in private clinics is higher than the cost of whitening services in public clinics. However, patients often prefer private clinics due to insufficient public availability or because they want to receive a higher quality of care.

    Another thing to be aware of is that laser teeth whitening treatments in Singapore are typically much more expensive compared to take-home teeth whitening kits.

    How does laser teeth whitening differ from other teeth whitening methods?

    The laser procedure uses a laser and a bleaching agent together, which is one of its main differences from other treatment methods. The laser device activates the particles within the gel, breaking down the staining molecules quickly. In addition, the concentration of the gel used during laser teeth whitening is higher than that used in at-home teeth whitening treatments.

    Laser teeth whitening vs bleaching

    Laser teeth whitening is actually a variant of bleaching. It involves the use of a bleaching agent which is activated with a laser device. During regular bleaching, on the other hand, the provider applies the bleaching gel to the teeth and after appropriate exposure time it is removed and the teeth are rinsed with water.

    Laser teeth whitening is usually a little bit more expensive than regular bleaching. In terms of outcomes, there is no significant difference - both treatments are effective and can improve the colour of your teeth.

    Laser teeth whitening vs Zoom

    Laser teeth whitening and Zoom are actually quite similar treatments. Zoom also includes the use of a bleaching material, but instead of laser, it uses light to activate the gel. The treatment does not expose teeth to much heat as the laser does, so it might be a better option for patients with sensitive teeth. Zoom is also considered to whiten teeth quicker than laser.

    Teeth whitening gel vs Laser

    Bleaching trays are custom-made devices which you can get from your dentist. This teeth whitening treatment usually requires more than one dental visit. On your first appointment, the dentist will take a mold of your teeth and then send it to a laboratory to have your devices made. You should get your trays on your second visit. Along with them, you will also be given a bleaching gel. You will usually need to wear the trays over a two-week period or longer to have a gentle, gradual whitening effect.

    This treatment is normally at a more affordable price than laser teeth whitening. However, the procedure takes longer and requires more applications. In addition, the results of teeth whitening trays normally wear off faster than those of the laser treatment.

    Best laser teeth whitening in Singapore

    Looking for the best teeth whitening services in Singapore? With so many dental clinics and providers, it might be difficult to choose where to book your appointment. Here are some tips that may help you make the right decision.

    • Find out how laser teeth whitening services rate online. Don't just Google "laser teeth whitening near me" and pick the first clinic that comes there. Go through several pages and find different providers in your city. Then, read the online reviews of each clinic or dentist that you are considering visiting.
    • Ask your friends and family for recommendations. This was how people found the best healthcare providers before there was a flood of reviews on the internet. You can ask family members, friends, or coworkers about a teeth whitening clinic in Singapore they trust.
    • Ask for before and after photos. Many cosmetic dentists take before and after photos of their patients. Some of them may put images on their websites so that you can see real examples of their work. However, if the dentists you choose do not have photos on their websites, you can go to their clinic and ask them to show you some.

    And remember, the most important thing is to find a dental provider you feel comfortable with.

    Frequently asked questions about Laser Teeth Whitening

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