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How to Choose the Best Braces Colours for Your Teeth

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    Best Braces Colours
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    Once you make up your mind to get metal braces, your decision-making process isn’t over. Now, you have to choose a colour. Some Singapore patients tend to have a certain colour in mind but most people struggle to settle on a shade, and that’s perfectly normal. If you are in the majority here, read this post on the best braces colours based on different factors.

    What Is The Most Popular Colour For Braces? What Colour Braces Are Most Attractive?

    If you have decided to stick with safer options - e.g. what the crowd likes - then you should consider one of the following colours: blue, purple, dark green, orange, pink, red, and yellow. However, as not all of these colours are suitable for everyone, you should pick them wisely based on your personality, skin colour, and preferences. Colours tend to cause different emotions. Not only that but as you will see below, certain colours go better with light skin tones and vice versa. So, be sure to check out the other sections as well.

    Moreover, it’s worth noting that braces have various components and you can choose a separate colour for each. So, what are the best elastic colours for braces? Again, that will depend on your preferences and outfits. But just so you know, you can vary your rubber band colours - navy rubber bands, silver bands, gold bands, you name it. Your braces will also pair well with navy rubber bands and elastic ligatures.

    And finally, one thing you should not forget is that you can change the colour every time your orthodontist adjusts the brackets, which is once every 4-5 weeks. So, if you become tired of your current brace appearance, you will get a chance of fixing it on your next appointment.

    What Color Braces Make My Teeth Look Whiter

    What Are The Worst Colours For Braces?

    • Black braces - that’s one of the braces colours to avoid
    • Brown represents safety and resilience, as it is often associated with the earth. However, when it is on your teeth, it just doesn’t look right.

    In general, you want to stay away from darker colours, as they can make your teeth appear stained

    Is Black A Good Colour For Braces?

    Black braces are definitely not the best pick and the reason is pretty obvious. Dark colours may give your teeth a tinted or stained appearance. They will change your healthy smile.

    What Colour Braces Make My Teeth Look Whiter

    If you are looking for braces colours to make teeth look whiter, opt for darker shades as they contrast with your teeth colour. The only colour you want to stay away from is black. Here are some examples:

    • Silver braces. This colour is for success, wealth, and power.
    • Dark purple braces. Purple symbolises creativity and luxury.
    • Blue braces colour:
      • Light blue braces - even though it’s lighter, it can still make your teeth stand out
      • Dark blue braces colour - of course, the darker colours are better at creating the illusion that your teeth are whiter, so if you are thinking about blue, choose a darker shade

    Best Colours for Braces Based on Gender

    Best Colours for Braces Based on Gender

    Now, let’s look at braces in terms of sex. Although these days anyone can wear whatever colours they want, there are people who avoid certain colours because of gender-specific characteristics.

    Best Braces Colours for Guys

    Here are the best colour braces for boys:

    • Sky blue, deep blue, royal blue, dark blue, navy blue, and aqua are the best braces colours to get for a boy, since blue is associated with male individuals. If you can’t figure out which shade works for you, you can check out a colour wheel. Keep in mind that you don’t have to stick with this colour if you don’t want to, as there are other options as well.
    • Bronze. Bronze is a colour of nature; it means strength, growth, earthiness, and maturity.
    • Silver. This is a standard colour for metal brackets.
    • Dark red braces. Red symbolises love, vigour, life, and courage. But it’s also associated with anger and passion. You can pair it with other colours if you want to make it less aggressive looking.

    Boys should avoid white braces, yellow, and dark brown braces colours. White is not the best choice in general, as it can give the illusion of yellow-toned teeth and ruin an otherwise beautiful smile. Not to mention, it can stain easily with coffee, wine, and some foods.

    Best Braces Colours For Girls

    In our office, we often hear the question: what colour braces looks best on a girl? Truth is, there are many colours that suit our female patients, especially teens and kids. Almost any colour is a good choice as long as the person involved likes it. But just to give you an idea, pastel shades give quite a feminine vibe. Here are the most popular braces colours for girls that are requested by our Singapore patients:

    • Pink braces appear to be the best colour for metal braces for girls, although they certainly aren’t the only option
    • Dark purple braces colours
    • Silver braces are great if you are not into classic girly colours.
    • Orange is another cheerful colour that is associated with enthusiastic and creative people - if you are one yourself, this may be the colour for you

    Best Braces Colours For Adults

    Let’s see what colours suit adults with regard to their skin tone.

    Best Braces Colours For Lighter Skin Tones

    If you have a light skin tone, it is more likely that dark colours will compliment your look. Don’t be afraid to experiment with bold colours like deep greens, deep red, dark violet and navy blue. And keep in mind that darker colours will make your teeth appear whiter than they really are, while white can have the opposite effect. When choosing a colour, you could think about the colour of your eyes and pick something that goes well with it.

    • Bronze braces colour
    • Subdued red braces colour
    • Light blue braces colour
    • Pink is among the cute braces colours; if that is the look you are after, it will be suitable for you
    • Dark purple is a perfect braces colour for adults. Since it’s dark, it can make your teeth appear whiter.
    • Dark blue braces colour. Blue is the colour of loyalty. It is associated with the sky and therefore is also related to freedom.

    Regardless of what you choose, don't forget to ensure good oral hygiene so that your teeth stay healthy and good-looking.

    Light Braces Colours for Darker Skin Tones

    Those with dark skin tones should stick with lighter colours when it comes to their braces.

    • Teal braces. This is a revitalising colour that combines green and blue and it does complement darker skin tones.
    • Violet. This colour is a combination of red, which is associated with energy, and blue, which provides calmness. Thus, violet is often associated with ambition, luxury, and royalty.
    • Hunter green. Green can add freshness to your look but be careful with the nuance because it may also make it look as if there is food stuck on your teeth.
    • Turquoise (or pale blue). Turquoise is a bright, cheerful colour that can add a refreshing aspect to your look.
    • Gold. Gold is the colour of wealth and extravagance. It certainly has a place in orthodontics but you should be careful with it because it can easily ruin your look. If you are after a bolder feminine look, this is a terrific choice alongside bright magenta.

    If none of these colour braces strikes you as stylish or fancy, perhaps the standard metal colour will work for you.

    What to Take into Consideration When Selecting a Braces Colour

    What to Take into Consideration When Selecting a Braces Colour

    Colour Braces Based on Profession

    Depending on what you do for a living, you will either want to stick with neutral colours, or you will be interested in clear braces or lingual braces for a more subtle look. On the other hand, if your boss is okay with you getting coloured braces, go ahead with it. But if you are a business professional, subdued shades are the way to go, especially when you are looking to match those blue or black suits.

    Colour Braces Based on Personality

    Everybody is different. Some are more open-minded and extroverted, others are timid and don’t like being at the centre of attention. Some like neutral colours, others not so much. Everybody has different preferences when it comes to their hairstyle, outfits, and - likewise - their braces colours. If you are into blue, it doesn’t matter if you are a boy or a girl, just go for it. What is more, you are not restricted to a single colour; in fact, you can pick a colour combination and make it more fun.

    Colour Braces According to Skin and Lip Tones, Hair and Eye Colour

    You probably pick your hair colour and clothes to suit your skin colour. Well, you can apply the same logic to your traditional braces. Your eye colour is key as well. Green eyes will stand out if you wear orange braces. Lilac, blue, and pink can intensify blue eyes. For brown eyes, you may be interested in dark greens.

    Colour Braces for Holidays and Special Occasions

    As you know, a lot of holidays come with signature colours. Since braces are worn for a long time, this period will overlap with various holidays. And the best part is, you can change your colour options on every orthodontic appointment, so you can alternate bright colours and lighter colours with darker nuances if that suits you of course. Plus, you can have a signature colour for your favourite holiday. Last but not least, when figuring out the colour combination, you can think of your favourite sports team.

    When in Doubt, Look at an Orthodontist Braces Colours Wheel

    At our office in Singapore, we have a braces colour palette that can help decide on a colour for your braces. It covers a wide spectrum of colour ideas, so the choice is virtually endless.  If you find it hard to settle on one colour, don’t worry. We can make them alternate if you want. Some Singapore patients prefer colour combinations and they don’t mind their ceramic brackets and rubber bands being of different colours. Thanks to a colour wheel, you can select the nuances that best suit your skin tone and preferences.

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