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Cosmetic Dentistry

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    Dentists treat patients' teeth.

    What is Cosmetic Dentistry?

    Cosmetic dentistry is a branch that deals with the appearance of your teeth. It covers any dental work that can improve the shape, size, colour, and alignment of the teeth which eventually results in greater self-confidence. Aesthetic dentistry not only brings out the smile that you've always wanted but also helps with some biting and chewing issues. By contrast, general dentistry centres upon the health of your pearly whites.

    At Pristine Dentalworks, we have a team of dental professionals who use oral health technologies that have what it takes to transform your facial appearance and give you a healthy smile.

    Here are the main cosmetic dentistry procedures we provide:

    Model of artificial jaw with veneers

    If you need an individualised treatment plan, contact us now for more details.

    Gum Contouring

    Gum contouring is more often than not a cosmetic procedure that aims to reshape uneven gum line in patients who are self-conscious about it. Your dentist may have referred to it as a gummy smile. That's what this oral health treatment is about. It works by cutting excess gum tissue away and helps with your smile makeover. In rare cases, contouring is necessitated for medical purposes.

    Teeth Whitening

    Teeth whitening, also dubbed teeth bleaching, is a procedure that attempts to lighten the colour of stained teeth so they appear more appealing. The treatment is carried out in a dental office under the surveillance of a specialist. We use different concentrations of peroxides to lift off stains and achieve that whitening effect that whitening toothpastes are not capable of yielding.


    Dental veneers are thin shells that can improve your smile by making your front teeth even and white. They are employed to fix stained, cracked or chipped teeth and can work on a single tooth or multiple teeth at the same time. In order for them to do their magic, you need to have healthy teeth with no gum disease.

    As opposed to dental crowns, the reduction of tooth structure with porcelain veneers is minimum and less aggressive on the patient's teeth. Besides, it acts on the front surface only.

    With proper care, these custom made shells are long-lasting and don’t need any special care. They may provide some teeth whitening on the front teeth if that's a concern for you as well.

    Dental Crowns

    Crowns are tooth coloured caps that encase badly decayed and damaged teeth to protect them from further damage and to provide more strength to the tooth structure. They mimic the appearance of your own natural teeth which allows them to blend well with the rest of the mouth (they are virtually indistinguishable). This type of dental restoration is also employed as part of implant treatment and for developmental defects. Dental cement helps to keep everything in place.

    Teeth Shaping

    Teeth reshaping is a cosmetic procedure that changes the surface, length, and shape of a tooth so it looks better. It is called dental contouring and can affect one or more teeth. The way it works is by stripping off parts of the dental enamel. It is carried out by a dental professional in the treatment of uneven teeth.

    Teeth Bonding

    Composite bonding is a cosmetic restoration procedure that repairs slightly chipped teeth. Even though all the teeth are quite sturdy, they are prone to accidents that lead to chips and cracks. Dental bonding helps with lengthening teeth and filling gaps between them.

    We recommend the treatment for pearly whites that aren’t excessively decayed and that have been mildly injured. In most cases, we use a coloured resin to alter the structure and appearance of the tooth and there is no need for anaesthesia. The aesthetic treatments can be done on several teeth.

    Dental Implants

    Dental Implants

    With respect to tooth loss, bonding isn’t going to be of much help. This is where you’ll likely need a more complex oral health solution like dental implants. This is an artificial tooth that consists of three parts, one of which is inserted into the jaw bone. It can take cosmetic dentists months to complete this treatment but once they move things along, it can restore the function and aesthetics of your smile.


    Braces for Straight Teeth

    Dental braces are special appliances that work to fix crowded, crooked or misaligned teeth. If you need teeth straightening, this is an option that can work on back and front teeth alike. There are different types - traditional metal braces and invisible aligners - and they have their upsides and downsides.

    Fixed braces can correct crooked teeth no matter the level of crookedness but they are difficult to clean, while invisible aligners can be taken out whenever needed, only they don't work for every case of misshapen teeth.

    Dentures and Bridges for Missing Teeth

    Dentures and Bridges for Missing Teeth

    When you have more than one missing tooth, you may favour dentures or bridges over dental implants. A bridge is a permanent restoration that is fixed in place. It joins a fake tooth (or set of teeth) to adjacent teeth. A denture is a removable replacement with artificial teeth and gum affixed to the device. The two treatments are part of cosmetic dentistry.

    There are complete dentures and removable or fixed partial dentures. The former is needed when the person has no natural teeth left and the latter is used when there are a lot of missing teeth in the mouth.

    If you need help identifying the most suitable orthodontic or cosmetic dental procedures for you to obtain a Hollywood smile, Pristine Dentalworks is at your disposal.

    Get in touch with us now and book an appointment.

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